Site and Soil Evaluation Workshop @ Winnipeg Region
Nov 29 @ 8:30 am – 3:30 pm

MOWMA/OWSIM are hosting a Site & Soils Evaluation Workshop in the Winnipeg area on November 29, 2019. This practical training day will provide an opportunity to gain hands-on experience evaluating soil texture and structure and its role in the treatment of effluent. Time will be spent in the classroom reviewing and identifying structure samples and hand texturing various soil types before entering the soils pit to apply that knowledge in the test pit. This is our last opportunity to provide this type of training before the ground freezes.

The expected outcomes for this training are listed below, and a registration form is available. You may register for this hands-on training by fax or email. Please contact the association office with any questions you may have.

Site & Soils Evaluation Workshop Outcomes

The instructor will demonstrate all required outcomes prior to participants demonstrating to the
instructor the proper processes for site and soil evaluation.

Use Soil evaluation to identify characteristics that affect sewage systems.

Understand the general method of how to evaluate soil characteristics that affect water movement.

  • Excavate soil pit – depth, location (don’t ruin site)
  • Available tools – soil auger, probe

Basic knowledge of how to examine the soil profile and identify

  • Major soil structure features (why it is important is covered in soil/water)
  • Colour – mottles and gleyed soils (washed out gray) identified high water table or saturated soils
    (reason saturated/unsaturated flow in previous module)
  • Soil texture, make up of sand/silt/clay
  • Effect of gravel component
  • Where to take sample
  • Basic hand texturing procedures
  • Trial hand texturing
  • Lab testing availability and basic knowledge of lab testing method
  • Recognize changes in soil horizons and understanding effect on sewage system design
  • Soils logging using various soils logs

Understanding and application of the soil texture triangle

Ability to determine effluent-loading rate for a soil texture set using the Tyler Table.

Know what restricting/limiting layers are and able to recognize major characteristics

Ability to recognize major soil characteristics and determine soil effluent loading rates or limitations


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