Site & Soils Evaluation Field Days (Winnipeg Region)

The Site and Soil Evaluation Day planned for October 13, was cancelled due to lack of registration. Plans are now in place to hold this training beginning next spring.

The training being planned for Spring 2019 will be a four-day Site and Soils Evaluation course developed in consultation with Manitoba Sustainability and will become a mandatory component of the certification training program. All certified installers will eventually be required to complete this expanded soils training.

Proper soils evaluation is critical to the long term sustainability and function of onsite wastewater systems; the goal is to increase the knowledge and skill level of the industry by providing more advanced training in this critical component of system design.

More information will be available later in the year as planning for this training is completed.

Please contact the OWSIM office with any questions you may have at (204) 771-0455.