Credit Card Processing

Being a member of the Manitoba Onsite Wastewater Management Association comes with many benefits, including credit card processing. If you have customers that want to pay with a major credit card, and you do not have the capability of accepting [Read More]

Locate-A-Pro Listings – Is Yours Up To Date?

The MOWMA website features a Locate-A-Pro tab where our members are listed by the type of work they do, and the region they work in. This is an excellent resource for those looking for their services. For homeowners it is [Read More]

Your Business is being Advertised 24/7 whether you know it or not!

Submitted by George Gonzo George Gonzo is a business consultant who provides a monthly column for the WCOWMA newsletter.  As owner’s of small, medium and large businesses, WCOWMA members can all benefit from George’s expertise in the area of business [Read More]

Canada Post Labor Dispute

With contract negotiations ongoing, there is a high probability of an upcoming postal strike.  Should the Canadian Union of Postal Workers strike, there will be a delay in the delivery of mail from MOWMA.  Any documents that we are able [Read More]