SJE Rhombus’ annual June training teaches, builds relationships

Attendees work hands-on with products to gain knowledge DETROIT LAKES, Minnesota (June 25, 2018) –SJE Rhombus hosted their annual June product training from June 12-13. Held at the headquarters in Detroit Lakes, Minn., this two-day training offers attendees the chance [Read More]

June 22, 2018

Download the June 22, 2018 MOWMA/OWSIM Newsletter. [Read More]

The Onsite Wastewater Management Industry Has a Vital Role to Play in Water Resource Management

The impact the onsite wastewater industry can have on the environment can be significant and it is gathering international attention as a cost-effective and sustainable solution to wastewater management challenges. As potable water becomes more scarce in certain regions, the [Read More]