Contest Alert: Show Your Creative Side!

A properly working system is important, but do you ever have a little fun with it? We’re calling on our readers to submit their most creative installation component! The winner, as judged by WCOWMA administration, will be given $100.00 gift [Read More]

Summer 2021 Onsite Informer Magazine

Download the Summer 2021 Onsite Informer Magazine.  [Read More]

Codes of Conduct

The provincial associations are currently working on policy surrounding member and Board of Director Codes of Conduct. Each member receives a copy of the association Code of Conduct in their membership package yearly, which they should read, sign, and keep [Read More]

Provincial/Federal Job Grants Continue to be Available for Training

The Provincial associations have all been receiving training applicants who are being funded by the various federal/provincial job grants that are currently available.  This is a good opportunity for small businesses to have their employees and even family member employees [Read More]

Soils, Soils, Soils

Proper soils assessment is key to the development of a successful onsite wastewater design.  Mandatory attendance to site and soil field training is part of the training program for Onsite Wastewater Practitioner provided by the associations. Several site and soil [Read More]