FREE INFILTRATOR WEBINAR: Advanced Tank Design and Materials Expand Onsite Applications

September 9, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Join us for a FREE live webinar hosted by Infiltrator Water Technologies featuring members of our team. Please note all webinar times are Eastern Standard time.


Tanks as simple storage vessel, have always been a fundamental part of the water and wastewater systems that benefit people and communities daily. Today, tanks are available for a wide range of uses and are constructed using a variety of materials that offer specific benefits for each application.

In decentralized wastewater treatment system applications, the need for compact systems for small lots and for systems in environmentally sensitive areas, including advanced treatment, is serving as a catalyst for tank innovation. The evolution and diversity of tank design and materials provide options that are generating new applications in the wastewater treatment system design arena. Communities and homeowners are increasingly concerned with improving the quality of effluent discharged back into the environment and tank technology is helping to make that achievable.

New tank designs are durable, allow for easy transportability to remote and challenging sites, and can house a variety of advanced systems that are increasingly popular where limited site size, remote or challenging site location or topography, unfavorable soil conditions, or proximity to a watershed or body of water eliminate the traditional septic system option.

In all systems utilizing tanks, proper installation is critical for maintaining structural integrity and watertightness. Inflow and infiltration in any tank compromises treatment and can ultimately result in failure.