One of the Keys to Growing a Successful Business is Your Follow-Up Sales Conversation With Customers/Clients

Contrary to what some like to teach, you’re not going to close every sale in your first conversation.

Sales is leadership. Not beating someone into submission.

It’s necessary that you be consistent and disciplined when it comes to having follow-up conversations with potential clients. It’s not just something you do when you have time to “get around to it.” Make it a part of your daily work schedule – and it does take work.

Remember, your follow-up conversation must be relevant and of value to the other person.  You never want to start off with “I’m just following up…”

A leader doesn’t start that way; only someone who’s hoping to “get an order.”

Remember, sales is leadership. Not nagging and not arm-twisting.

Professional Sales is leading someone from where they are to where they want to be and we often need someone to guide us on how to get there from here.

That’s where you need to provide real value every time you speak to a client or prospective customer. To really grow your business, you’ve got to master marketing AND sales in addition to being good at whatever you do. And if you don’t like “selling” or “marketing” then get someone who does and really knows what they’re doing.

So how would you start that follow-up conversation?

First the principle. Then the precise wording.

The principle: You must always try to understand what’s keeping your prospect “awake at nights” and since time has elapsed since your last conversation, find out what’s changed – either for better or worse. Ask the “smart questions” to find out where they are right now. You only know where they were the last time you spoke.

So, Job #1 is to uncover where they are now.

Here’s how in two parts:

Part 1: Summarize where they were when you last spoke.

Say: “So, as I recall… here’s where we left off during our last conversation”

Then ask: “Would you say that’s an accurate summary or is there anything I’m missing?

After they agree, correct, add or change, you then ask:

Part 2: “What has changed since we last spoke?”

(You might be thinking right now…what’s the reason you would ask that?)

Because you can never lead someone to a better situation or solution until you first know where they are right now.

First, they must feel, “Wow, this person really understands me.”

Only THEN will they wonder, “Since you get me, what do you recommend?”

Here’s a key idea you should take away with you now:

To lead in your sales conversations, you need the language, the wording. More importantly, you need the underlying thinking and communication skills.

Think back to your last sales conversation.

Was it smooth? Or did you lose control?

Did you become “anxious” or “flustered”?

Were you leading it or were you winging it?

How much money have you left on the table over the past 90 days simply because you didn’t have the thinking and skills to add value to your follow-up sales conversation?

How much will you earn in your very next sale – simply because you know how to add more value to every follow-up conversation?

Let me know how you’re making up with your “value-added” Sales Conversations.

George Gonzo
Gonzo Marketing

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