The Benefits Of Joining An Industry Association

Money doesn’t grow on trees and you can only spend it once. So if business is good and you aren’t having any problems, why should you spend your hard earned income on Industry Association dues? The first thing you have to ask is how the association could benefit you.

Your association provides a common voice for its members, giving them all more power and influence in the industry. For ex-ample, associations are more able than individuals to provide input to policy makers when regulatory changes that impact the industry are being considered.

Your association may be able to assist when you are having difficulty in the industry. Chances are good that the association itself, or a fellow member, has some experience with a problem you may be facing. If you need help navigating the roads of the industry, your association should be able to help, or point you in the right direction.

Training is critical in any industry. Being part of an association will provide you with training opportunities, discounted training, or information about any changes in training or certification requirements.

Your industry association will likely have better access to a variety of information. With its connections throughout the industry, government and other stakeholders, your association can to keep you up-to-date on industry news, events and developments. Your industry association is your one-stop shop for staying informed in your chosen area of work.

Small companies and individuals may find health benefits are out of their reach, but your association is able to offer group benefit plans to their members. Benefit plans can help keep you and your employees healthy, and they can be a great incentive to your employees, both current and potential.

Your association provides access to lots of resources. With a large member base, various business discount programs can easi-ly be offered to association members. Discount programs can save your company money, and these savings alone could pay for your membership dues.

By working with your industry association, you give it more influence and leverage. The association is only as strong as its members. With passionate, dedicated industry members, your association will thrive and do even more for the industry. Consider becoming a member; by supporting the association, you give it the power to support you.

You can find more information on some of the benefits available to MOWMA members on our website or you can contact the association office at 855.872.2659.